MyCollegeFest is a one stop solution for brands to engage with the students PAN India at their college Festivals. It is a pioneer and India’s largest college connect platform which connects colleges & brands to 300+ cities. Brands can reach out to 11 million students across 1500+ colleges by participating in over 3000 festivals.

Capture the spirit and energy of the youth in a college environment, allowing your brand to resonate with them on an emotional level. Grab the undivided attention of the students in College campus for 32 Weeks. Get a year round presence in the Canteen, where the engagement is maximum.

We can help brands reach out to the right audience by customizing campaigns on the basis of cities, colleges, festivals and genres. As we take your brand to the college festivals, watch the action unfold with a convenience of a click. With a dedicated delivery team, we make sure that we not just meet expectations but exceed them.


Millionminds is India’s first and only initiative that aims at fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India from the ground up.

A unique platform that helps ideas germinating in the young minds of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities translate into a business by allowing them to transcend geographical boundaries and get the right resources at the right time.

It is only platform which seamlessly integrates the needs of students and Startup founders to create a mutually beneficial relationship between them.

Millionminds also endeavours to create a video resource for youngsters all over India that can guide them on the path of entrepreneurship across various industry verticals and Hi-Tech business areas.

Content Castling

Content Castling is a unique content exchange platform for Indian bloggers and publishers. It gives you the opportunity to get varied content, greater reach and more followers for your website.

Content Castling takes content exchange several notches further by offering registered publishers free, multilingual and contextualized content exchange. Content travels beyond the confines of their own website, adding eyeballs and recognition to the website.

Content Castlers can exchange their content across 8 Indian languages and contextualize the same across 17 genres. Publishers registered with us also get an opportunity to earn through ads placed on their pages.

Brands can leverage the power of content by placing ads offering engagement to a receptive audience on niche publishers’ pages. Content Castling creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for publishers and brands alike.


A programmatic cross device communication platform that helps synchronize an advertiser’s television and digital (mobile) efforts.

In the age of increased multi-screening among consumers, MTSync, a revolutionary and future ready platform, for the first time allows advertisers to communicate with its consumers on mobile. An unique technology that leverages the buzz created on television and reaches out to the consumer by understanding its content consumption on television, content consumption on mobile among other behaviours, and serves dynamic and tailored communication in real-time on their mobile devices leading to the desired brand outcomes.


Launched in March 2018, it is a premium content analytics product that helps blogger’s understand, track and grow their website audience. It is a benchmarking tool that will provide comparison with industry and top websites in that industry. This will help in taking decisions regarding content and business strategies


SHOWMYCONTENT app showcases best articles from India’s top bloggers. Informative and convenient, this e-reader app offers a bundle of product reviews, stories and videos across various categories such as Automobile, Technology, Lifestyle, Finance, Travel, Fashion, Sports, Entertainment and a lot more.

Available with a multi-language option, this mobile app allows you to read entertainment articles, tech reviews, food recipes, fashion, beauty tips and more in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati. Listen daily articles, trending topics, headlines and more anywhere, anytime with its Audio feature.


  • Collection of English and Regional blogs
  • Personalized articles
  • Multi language option
  • Watch videos
  • Audio option